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Does Dispute Beast offer phone support?

Dispute Beast - The Most Advanced Credit Repair Software Ever Created

At Dispute Beast, we specialize in providing top-quality, cost-effective DIY credit repair solutions. Our aim is to ensure efficiency and affordability, guiding our decision-making process in how we structure our support system to best serve our users.

Support Options at Dispute Beast

Currently, Dispute Beast does not provide 1 on 1 phone support. Instead, we focus our support services on email and our active Facebook community. This method helps us maintain lower service costs, which in turn allows us to offer our software at a more affordable rates

Email and Community Support: Tailored and Efficient

  1. Cost Efficiency: By centralizing support through email and our support group, we keep our overhead low and pass these savings on to you, making our services more accessible.
  2. Comprehensive Assistance: Our trained support staff handles inquiries with care and precision via email. This setup not only ensures detailed and personalized responses but also leverages the collective knowledge and experience of our Facebook community, where users can share insights and advice.
  3. Accessibility and Convenience: With support just an email away, you can reach out to us at your convenience, ensuring you receive timely assistance, no matter your location or time zone.

Contact Us for Support

For general inquiries about Dispute Beast or assistance with the software, please email us at help@disputebeast.com. If your questions are specifically about credit monitoring, you can directly contact our dedicated team at support@beastcreditmonitoring.com. Both channels are monitored closely to provide you with the prompt and efficient support you need.

Engage with Our Community

Don’t hesitate to post your questions in our Dispute Beast support group as well. It’s a great place to connect with other users who might be experiencing similar issues or have insights to share. Our community is vibrant and supportive, ready to help you navigate through your credit repair journey.


While Dispute Beast does not offer phone support, our dedicated email support and interactive community are fully equipped to assist you. We are committed to your success and are here to support you every step of the way in your credit repair process.


  1. Read the Ultimate Dispute Beast FAQ for answers to all your questions!
  2. Get your free Dispute Beast account and start sending your attacks with the press of 1 button by going to https://disputebeast.com/ and clicking get started
  3. To continue using Dispute Beast, you must maintain an active and paid subscription to Beast Credit Monitoring at all times! 


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