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My Score Went Down After Sending Disputes! What do I do wrong?

Dispute Beast - The Most Advanced Credit Repair Software Ever Created

So your score went down after sending Disputes and you’re wondering “What did I do wrong?”

Let’s chat about it:

  1. Your Actions: Dispute Beast only goes after stuff that’s already dragging your credit down. So, hitting those existing negatives isn’t going to make things worse. It’s more like tidying up the mess that’s already there to hopefully make things better.
  2. Check Your Beast Credit Monitoring Credit Report (every 40 days): Take a quick look at your credit report to see if anything else funky has popped up recently. Keep an eye out for new accounts, higher balances, missed payments, or new collections. These things can all give your score a bit of a knock.
  3. Understanding the Score Drop: Yep, sometimes your score takes a bit of a dip for various reasons. But tackling those existing negatives isn’t going to add to the damage. If something’s already in collections or charged off, it’s pretty much at rock bottom in terms of impact.
  4. Keep Attacking: Don’t forget to keep up with those attacks every 40 days! Dispute Beast will take a good look at your report and go after any new negatives that have popped up. But hey, I know you might be wondering how long it takes to improve your credit. Let’s think of it like getting in shape. The best results come from consistently eating right and hitting the gym. Same goes for credit improvement. Dedicate 6-12 attack rounds while paying your bills on time, keeping your utilization low (between 1-6%), and limiting your inquiries. This combo should yield some amazing results. Remember, your credit score is a byproduct of your financial behavior. Just like the numbers on the scale fluctuate, your credit score will too. Stay focused, stay consistent, and you’ll see the results you deserve!

Dealing with credit stuff can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but as long as you’re aware of what’s going on and taking steps to fix it, you’re doing great.


  1. Read the Ultimate Dispute Beast FAQ for answers to all your questions!
  2. Get your free Dispute Beast account and start sending your attacks with the press of 1 button by going to https://disputebeast.com/ and clicking get started
  3. To continue using Dispute Beast, you must maintain an active and paid subscription to Beast Credit Monitoring at all times! 


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