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Does Dispute Beast Use FICO or Vantage scores?

Dispute Beast - The Most Advanced Credit Repair Software Ever Created
Discover how Dispute Beast's credit monitoring service, using Vantage 3.0, simplifies credit repair just as effectively as FICO scores. Learn why cleaning your credit report benefits all scoring models and why choosing between VantageScore and FICO is like picking your favorite sneaker brand.

Short Answer:

Dispute Beast uses Beast Credit Monitoring which currently uses Vantage 3.0. Whether you use Vantage 3.0 or Fico score the data on the credit report is the same. Clean up the credit report on 1 and you clean up the report on all. It’s perfectly fine to clean your credit using a vantage 3.0 system.

Long Answer:

Think of FICO and VantageScore like different brands of sneakers. Both get you where you’re going (showing your creditworthiness), but they fit a bit differently (they use different methods to calculate your score).

FICO Score: This is the old-school, most popular one. Most banks and lenders check this out when they want to know your credit game.
VantageScore: The newer kid on the block, made by the three big credit bureaus. Not as widely used as FICO, but it’s getting there.
Now, when it comes to fixing your credit, it’s all about what’s on your credit report. Think of your credit report as your financial report card. If there’s a bad grade (like a late payment) and you fix it (prove it’s wrong or get it removed), your score goes up, whether it’s FICO or VantageScore.

About the “Vantage 3.0 is no good” comment, it’s kind of like someone saying they don’t like a specific brand or model of sneakers. Maybe it’s not as popular, or maybe it doesn’t fit their needs. But if “Dispute Beast” uses it, they probably have their reasons. Maybe it works well for what they’re doing, just like some people prefer one sneaker brand over another for specific tasks.

So, in short, cleaning up your credit report is good for all types of credit scores, and the score type (FICO or VantageScore) is like choosing between Nike or Adidas—it depends on what you need and what you prefer!


  1. Read the Ultimate Dispute Beast FAQ for answers to all your questions!
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