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Does Dispute Beast Mail My Attack Letters?

Dispute Beast - The Most Advanced Credit Repair Software Ever Created

How Dispute Beast Works

Hey there! Just to give you the scoop on how Dispute Beast works to help boost your credit: Our system is designed to craft specialized dispute letters targeting major credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, as well as all the data furnishers and even secondary bureaus. Plus, it’s completely free when you connect and maintain active credit monitoring with Beast Credit Monitoring.

Automated vs. Manual Options for Mailing Your Dispute Letters

Dispute Beast offers you two convenient options for handling your dispute letters. Let’s explore each option:

Manual Option: Do-It-Yourself

1. Print Your Letters: Download the prepared dispute letters from your Dispute Beast account.

2. Fold and Stuff Envelopes: Prepare your letters for mailing by folding them and placing them in envelopes.

3. Go to the Post Office: Mail your dispute letters by taking them to your local post office.

Automated Option: Use Sprint Mail

This option allows you to have full control over the process but requires more time and effort on your part.

We’re excited to announce that Sprint Mail is now available within your Dispute Beast account! With Sprint Mail, you can automate the entire mailing process:

1. One-Click Mailing: Choose the Sprint Mail option within your Dispute Beast account.

2. Automated Handling: Sprint Mail will print, fold, stuff, and mail your dispute letters for you.

3. Focus on What You Love: Save time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.

If you do not see the option to use Sprint Mail in your account, please email help@disputebeast.com with the subject line “Active Sprint Mail On My Account.”

The Future of Dispute Beast: Enhanced Convenience and Efficiency

Dispute Beast will continue to be a free attack engine as long as you have active Beast Credit Monitoring. And now, with the addition of Sprint Mail, you have the option to enhance your credit repair experience even further. By automating the mailing process, you can make the most of your time and effort.

You’re not just on the journey to better credit—you’re driving it, with powerful tools right at your fingertips!


  1. Read the Ultimate Dispute Beast FAQ for answers to all your questions!
  2. Get your free Dispute Beast account and start sending your attacks with the press of 1 button by going to https://disputebeast.com/ and clicking get started
  3. To continue using Dispute Beast, you must maintain an active and paid subscription to Beast Credit Monitoring at all times! 


Get the Credit score of a Beast

Take the first step towards a better financial future today. You deserve financial freedom because you’re more than a credit score and Dispute Beast is here to help you achieve it.

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